42 Artificial and Natural Short Nails with Floral Art Designs

Are you having an idea to apply flower designs to your nail? Maybe you always have short nails and are looking for new designs? Well, my friends, staying with me here is a quite great idea for most of you since I will talk a little bit more about short flower nail designs. Spring flower nails are perfect for the spring season. Most young stylish people are so loving beautiful short floral art nails. It’s so simple yet interesting and pretty. Nails with flowers are so easy to wear, stylish and they will suit everyone. We have simple and summery nails and even some bold nail art with a pop of color.

I do really wish that you are willing to spare times with me right here reading the rest of this article. More and more people see this kind of design as amazing addition to their appearance not only because the idea of using flowers enhances the artificial and natural nails, but also how this design brings more sparks to your nails. We have elaborately picked out 42 kinds of short nails with exquisite flower patterns. Just pick floral nails you are deeply addicted to and let others be attracted to you.

Nails with fascinating flowers for girls pursuing fashion

First up, we have this simple floral art manicure. Nails are short and natural with a coat of bright flower patterns. This kind of nail is so easy to wear and it will suit everyone perfectly. These following nails with fascinating flowers are perfect for girls pursuing the cutting-edge nail fashion.

Elaborate pink nails with floral art designs

Everyone loves classy, stylish and trendy nails. Beautiful and well-groomed nails never fail to grab attention. Nails art goes a long way, if you love the simple classic style. Most of the elaborate designs are designed to look good on nails. When we think of flowers in spring, pink is always the first thing that comes to our eyes.

Short pink nails in various shapes for you

Nails pairing with the pink color lights up the design and seems absolutely perfect for cute girls. More and more fashion crowds are absolutely in love with the beautiful floral nail art. Different shapes of floral art nails cater to the needs of different fashion groups.

Accent nails feature flowers with a riot of colors

Floral art is so popular and with designs like this, we can see why. Here we have short nails with pretty accent designs. The accent nails feature flowers with a riot of colors. We love the flowers, they look so elegant while the lines look trendy. You can hand-paint flowers or you can buy nail stickers online.

Shining short nails with the floral patterns

Nails are often connected with the nature, floral art designs perfectly depicts this theme, paired with the glitter design, it just shines brightly in a sunny day! In this colorful design, the combination of multiple colors blends nicely and creates an aesthetic vibe within the nail art, with the floral patterns, it sparkles even more!