Fluffy hairstyle and hair color ideas for brunette you’ll love!

From stunning light brown shades like caramel and honey brown to darker tones such as chocolate and chestnut, brown hair is truly versatile and can suit anyone, no matter what skin tone or hair length. So whether you’ve been itching for a new hair color or you’re simply looking to freshen up your current brown shade, take a look at these gorgeous brown hair color ideas to inspire your next major dye job.

Whether you’re looking for a major hair transformation or just a subtle transition that’ll still warrant a double-take, we’re willing to bet you’ll find a favorite look in our following hairstyle. Ready to fall in love with brunette hair? Today we’ve collected some fabulous hair color for brunette as below:

Fluffy and fleecy brown curly hair for brunette

The brown curly hair is so subtle and sweet. This fluffy one is easy to maintain style will effortlessly breathe some life into your hair. Style it with chunky curls for a truly sultry feel.

Various stunning brown hair colors for brunette!

An almost black shade gets the volume and extra dimension from chaotic bright reddish strokes that complete this beautiful brown hair color.

Glossy Medium long brown hair with highlights

Simple and beautiful. Copper shades are great for anyone who wants to start their transformation from something volume-boosting.

Natural micro curly brown hair for your ideal hairstylle

Micro curly hair looks so natural, you’ll forget you dyed it in the first place! It’s ideal for fair-skinned people but generally works for everyone!

Bright brown hairstyle with highlights

When we think of a perfect brown shade, we want to imagine something like this. You and your new style will absolutely become the center of attention.