Summer nail color | 40+ Acrylic short square nails for summer nail ideas 2021

With the end of 2020 approaching, we look to the future and are ready for everything to come. Summer nail color becomes more and more popular. Among these, there are noteworthy trends, particularly the most popular nail color in the summer of 2021. The warm months are those in which the dark color is abandoned; strong tones or soft and feminine tones are accepted. Mint green and orange are among the bold choices, but there are also eternal classics such as white and gray. The only tricky thing about this type of nail polish is choosing which one to wear. In other words, you don’t have to do this because putting them all on for once might be your favorite novelty. If you want to take your nails to a new level, these varnishes will help you do that.

There is no denying that bright decorations are indispensable and, when it comes to summertime, everything is to put some order in this game. From super cool pastels to neon, summer nails are an excellent way to try out the most popular aesthetic trends. So, if you’ve been Google and Pinterest searching for summer nail colors and designs, think about your search.

In this post, we have offered you more than 40 summer nail colors, and we focused on bringing acrylic short square nails for a different charm from almond nails, long nails, and French tips nails. Read on to nails for summer 2021, which will help you add a perfect accent to your overall beauty look.

Rainbow Nails Of Summer Nail Color

It is a season as bright, hot, and tropical as the weather! Fruit-flavored cocktails with bold tones are created like pink, green, red, yellow, and blue. When summer arrives, the rules will disappear. It’s time to show your creativity with your nails. Furthermore, there are no gloves to hide: nails can receive all the attention they deserve!

Finally, if you often discover yourself torn between the nail shades, think about trying a rainbow nail. There are no strict rules for inserting to one nail color, not even two! If you want to mix solid and robust tones, rainbow nails are the perfect answer to meet your artistic needs. Put each nail in different colors and let your rainbow convert.

Neon Nails Of Summer Nail Color

When it comes to neon trends, the point is to choose the right colors for your skin color. Bright acid tones, such as lemon green, electric blue, and yellow, are suitable for deeper skin. If your skin color is very dark, all neon lights will suit you. Simultaneously, if you are more righteous, stick with the pink and purple horns and make the most of this dynamic.

Do I like making statements with my nails? The neon color package meets the requirements. It’s an excellent way to get out of the box, and this bright and bold color adds a certain vitality that doesn’t seem to be ignored.

French Tip Nails

A classic French project involves combining a nude-colored base with a white border, generally on square or square, oval-shaped nails. This aspect spread for the first time in the 1970s and witnessed a strong recovery in the 1990s and early 2000s. It has the attraction of returning. Replace the white ends with the colors you choose. The project ends, and the system automatically integrates the content.

 Floral Nails of Summer Nail Color

Who doesn’t like flower nail design? When a wildflower blooms, this hyperfeminization aspect lends itself well to the summer period. To make the flowers stand out, use neutral, transparent paints as if we were painting on a canvas. If you have no time or experience to create a floral pattern by hand on each nail, you can use support or shape. Or make a nail with an unnamed flower.

Cute Summer Nails

What is more attractive than fruit? ! Super sweet nails are a summer classic. It is beautiful, fun, a bit of a return to ancient times. From kiwifruit to watermelons, bananas, and citrus fruits, your horns bring a multicolored shock. Combine cherries and dots to style. The red and white palettes and elaborate designs are sufficiently suited to different types. This aspect is very suitable for Instagram and looks quite delicious!

Polka Dots

If you are a fan of trendy summer horns, the dots are designs for the horns. This trend allows you to play with colors and show your creativity. Whether you decide to be minor, large or combining these two elements, you are sure to be a trend designer. Yes, you can watch them at home! Bingo a little nail oil dipped in the round trip of a crochet kit to create the perfect dot.

Square Nails In Summer

Square nails are a good choice if you have a naturally narrow and flat nail bed; They will make your fingers look wider. They are also considered the healthiest forms of nails, as the risk of nail peeling, catching, or breaking is lower. Square ends are also a popular style if you go for long acrylic resins. It is because the square makes the nails appear wider by balancing their length. Trying to use bright coral colors or soft colors was a fashion choice this summer.